Everybody wins!

You treat yourself

For all the good you're doing, you deserve a treat in return.

Your store gets better

Stores get alerted and move to fix the issue.

You help fellow shoppers

Fellow shoppers experience better product availability.

Your favorite brands learn

Brands use your feedback to improve their execution and availability.


About Us

Shelfie is made by CJ & Edward, collectively The Shelfie Team. We are part of the 2014 class of The Brandery and our team gets stuff done (and can be usually found) somewhere in between Boston, Cincinnati or Puerto Rico.

We're on a mission to change how marketing research is done by harnessing the power of consumers and image processing.

If you are a brand, retailer, investor, or a user with feedback we want to talk to you! Feel free to get in touch:


How do I take an awesome Shelfie?

To take the perfect shelfie start by positioning yourself in front of the out-of-stock instance with a firm stance. Then take out your smartphone, point and shoot. Make sure that both the empty shelf and the tag are shown in the picture. If you want to be extra nice, make sure to focus the camera so that the product tag is readable. Our magical fairies will love you.

I've lost points! What happened?

One or more of your shelfies was probably rejected by the magical fairies that process our shelfies and turn them into data. Usually, as long as it is a picture of an empty shelf and with the shelf product tag visible (as it is supposed to be), it will be accepted. If on the other hand we get pictures of your puppy or your TV remote, they will be definitely rejected and their value will be reduced.

I've got a Promo or Referral Code: Where do I redeem it?

Go to your profile, scroll to the bottom of the gift card list and click on the "Got a Coupon?" button. Enter the coupon code & get your points.

Why isn't my Code working?

You can only redeem one promo code per campaign. Said code may have also expired. Another possible reason is that the coupon has a cap and the cap has been met (ie. "first hundred users").

Start taking shelfies today!